Mahogany Frog Do 5

"Mahogany Frog Do 5" is the fifth full-length release from this
Winnipeg-based outfit. Over the past decade the group has been
saturating their own brand of jazz-rock, an instrumental brew that is
hard-hitting, challenging, experimental and noisy, but catchy as hell.
"Do 5", the most cohesive Mahogany Frog album to date, is 47 minutes of
electric mayhem... it seems that the four members of MF are on a crusade
to change the way people listen to music. Melodic, harmonized leads
slice through lush walls of thick, warbling, tube-driven organs and
synths. Snarling, feedback-ridden guitars riff hard in unison with a
punchy, fuzzy bass. Amplified glitch-esque electronic beats melt into
sporadic, frantic drumming. The themes progress quickly, and the
instruments change roles often.
Teaming up with Winnipeg recording wizard/producer Mike Petkau, the
recording process in itself was a bit of an experiment. Recorded over
seven months during the winter of 2006/2007 at MCM Studios, the band
gave themselves the liberty to take their time and try some new things.
Petkau, who's methods were somewhat familiar to the band (he had
engineered the Frog's previous two releases "On Blue" and "Vs Mabus")
was open to trying unorthodox mic setups and amplification techniques,
using the unique room (which is typically used for acoustic/choral
recordings) to it's potential. Everything was amplified full-tilt
through a collection of vintage tube amplifiers, from the synths and
guitars to electronic beats and acoustic percussion. The result is a
heavy, explosive album that sounds like combusting vacuum tubes and
tearing speakers, a hot, dirty trip through countless musical ideas. It
is a record that fully captures all the elements involved getting pushed
to their limit, from the personnel to the equipment... and the listener
hearing it.
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